Perhaps you dream about understanding how to do effective magic; the kind of magic that creates real change in your life.

Or maybe, you’ve bought the books, got the crystals, diffused your oils, waved your wand, pulled your cards and you’re ready for more!

As no doubt you’ve already discovered, if you don’t have a solid foundation to support your magic, you don’t know what to do when things don’t go to plan, you don’t get the results you expect, or worse…. nothing happens at all!

Instead of recognising that they don’t have the right magical systems and the inner work in place, people can doubt themselves and think they’re not destined to live a life of magic and awe.

You see, most people think magic is an outward facing tool, but in fact, this is where most people go wrong, as magic is actually a reflection of your inner landscape.

In order to cast successful magic, you must be a clear channel for it. You have to know what you want, set intentions with clarity, and have an energy system that is flowing freely and ready to receive with ease.

When you get to know yourself deeply, you get to trust yourself and your intuition deeply too, meaning you get cast successful magic, which leads to you trusting yourself and your magic!

However, what happens most often, instead of people realising that their inner landscape is polluted with fears, doubt, old stories and limiting beliefs, they just doubt themselves and their magic, they feel disconnected from their intuition because that too is cloaked in self-doubt, imposter syndrome, with a dialled up inner-critic, making it almost impossible to make the choices they need to support their awakening Witch.

When people don’t have the right support in place, and don’t understand their own unique blend of magic, they can turn their back on their calling, as they think it’s not for them. They mistakenly think that they really aren’t the powerful Witch that they’ve felt awakening within them.


Despite recurring doubts, you really do know you’ve found your path.

The moment you heard the term Witch, Mystic, or Priestess, it awakened a deep remembering within.

You’re ready to walk a spiritual path that embraces the wonder of life; it’s cycles, rhythms, mystery and magic.

You believe in the law of attraction, you sense the energy of people, places and things, and you’ve experienced things you can’t explain.

You know you’re a powerful woman who’s ready to harness the power of the world around her…

And yet…

Things aren’t unfolding the way you imagined.

You know you’ve not yet touched the surface of all you can be.


You’re doing all of the things; journaling, affirmations, gratitude, maybe even spells….  but they just aren’t getting you what you want.

You want more money, you want to transform your relationship(s), and you want to feel a deeper sense of connection with the Universe (Goddess / God / Spirit / The Divine / Unicorns…)


You’ve started to break free from other people’s opinions, judgements and expectations, so that you can express yourself fully in a way that turns you on and lights you up.

You’re ready to live unapologetically as a modern day witch, living on your own terms, loud and proud out of the ‘broom cupboard’.


Not expressing your true self fully is suffocating and crushing your soul…

You’re fed up of living a toned down life.

You’re ready to step up, to embrace all of yourself, to fulfil your purpose, and to experience more love, joy and connection in your life.

You want to step out of a world of fear and scarcity and into one of awe, wonder, abundance, and magic.

But each time you try, you hit resistance. Resistance from yourself, and from those around you.

Old fears, patterns and unresolved hurt hold you back.

You recognise the repeating patterns, maybe even generational patterns and you’re ready to break their ‘curse’.

If you know, or even have a slight hint, that you’re ready to embrace your inner-modern day Witch; one who trusts their magic and creates real change in their lives… you NEED a modern witchcraft system that shows you how to easily, joyfully, and successfully, apply witchcraft to everyday life (and all it’s challenges).



Magic is a tool that allows you to make powerful choices in your life, it’s an expression of how you want to consciously create your life.

The Witch Academy is a modern-day system of witchcraft that will help you to gain confidence in all things magical, as you discover your own unique blend of magic and soul gifts.

It’s based on a traditional year-and-a-day training.

This is not a cookie-cutter, superficial training; it’s experiential and practical, giving you all of the training and guidance you need, so that you can step out as an unapologetic  modern day Witch who believes in herself and her magic.


By the end of Your Year-And-A-Day in The Witch Academy you’ll:

Have confidence in yourself and your magic

Easily be able to hear, trust, and interpret your intuition

Know how to use your witchcraft effectively in all areas of your life

Understand which tools to use and when, and know what to do when you don’t have the ‘right’ tools to hand

Understand how to make better choices, ones that truly align with you are your desires

Have a deeper connection with yourself and the Universe/the Divine/ Spirit / Goddess/God



You’ll complete the system with a deep understanding of how to use magic that get results. But more than that, you’ll have unwavering belief in yourself and your intuition, you’ll be able to make powerful choices and stick to them, and you’ll unapologetically express your fully Witchy nature in all of her power and magnificence… all of which will lead to more confidence, fulfilment and satisfaction throughout all of your life.


Imagine how your life would be different if you trusted yourself enough to follow your intuition and consistently make decisions that supported you (and you saw them through).

If you were confident in your own magic and had the tools and resources to support you navigate anything that came your way.

You could show up in life more confidently, feeling clear, aligned and on-purpose.

No more seconding guessing yourself (or other people), no more doubting your purpose, and no more limiting beliefs holding you back!

This is what The Witch Academy can do for you.

Over a very magical YEAR AND A DAY, to ensure your success, there are on-going trainings, live classes (recordings available), accountability and support:



Classes & Courses

Courses and live classes dedicated to help you gain the knowledge, skills and experience in key areas of your witchcraft so that you can practice safely and get the results you desire.


Activate your true magical power and potential through sacred inititaions dedicated to support you fully claim your truth, power and purpose.


Heal old patterns, stories and drama, so you can step into the fullness of who you are, without compromise or sacrifice. Clearing the way for your to confidently embody your truth, power and purpose.

By the end of our time together, you’ll:


Uplevel your magic and your life, with the skills needed to become a confident Modern-Day Witch who creates lasting change in her life.


Your Sacred Wound is what prevents you from fulfulling your Life Purpose and confidently doing, or even knowing, the things you most want and desire. Heal the patterns that have kept you stuck and get ready to live a life of love, passion and magic!


Know how to protect yourself and practice magic safely, in this realm and others. Learn the art of protection and banishing so that you feel safe in your body and when weaving  your magic.


Take the guess work and the hoping out of your magic, as you discover the steps you need to take to create the perfect mindset that consistently gets you the results that you desire.


Explore a wide-range of magical tools and topics. From money magic to sex magic, from candle magic to knot magic. Magic for all occassions as you discover what type of magic works best for you.


Create deep and meaningful relationships with magical allies so that you can confidently call on their support in your magic. From herbs and trees to elementals and guides. You’ll have the chance to discover who (and what) your energy aligns with to create the most potent magic.


Move beyond affirmations and vision boards as you discover the true art of manifesting. You’ll learn how to set powerful intentions, align your energy, and take clear action, so that you can receive all that your heart desires.


Magical tools are a powerful way to direct and use your magic. They’re even more potent when you craft your own. Join us in sacred ceremony as you create your own set of magical tools.


Sacred Rituals

Each week, join us to align your energy, become grounded, present and clear, no matter what’s going on around you.

Witching Hours

Connect with members of your community for learning and group coaching.

Cosmic Self-Care

The ultimate lunar aligned self-care, to bring some cosmic nourishment and moon-mentum to your week.

Red Tents

On the New Moon join us to rest, nourish and restore your body, mind and soul.


Powerful healing sessions to transute what’s holding you back from living fully as a powerful ly and unapologetically.


On the Full Moon join us to do group spells so you can practice your magic in a safe and powerful space.





Core Training

Embody Your Witch

EMBODY YOUR WITCH is the core training that guides you through the Wheel of the Year, allowing you to connect deeply with the rhythms of the Sun and the Moon.

Align your energy with these natural rhythms to come back into harmony with your own natural rhythms.

Keep your magic and momentum activated throughout the year.

To be a confident witch you need to practice your magic. It’s not enough to read and absorb more information, you need to hone your craft if you want to get real and lasting results.

Each month we explore:

  • a magical topic
  • an ally

We also have:

  • a Red Tent to rest and be nourished
  • an Esbat where we practice our magic
  • and, Sabbat craft classes where we make our magical tools


October Topics

Magical protection

Feel safe and protected as you explore spellcraft and create your own magic.





Aries Full Moon Esbat: Sigils

Gather in sacred ritual as we create sigils to activate your magic as you commit to walking your own path in life.


Libra New Moon Red Tent: Ancestral Cauldron Energy

Clearing the wounds of feeling resentful.

When you don’t commit fully to yourself, your energy, and your desires, you may start to feel ungrounded and resentful as you take on the energy and expectations of others.

Instead of flowing with your own desire for life, and trusting your own inner cycles and the external rhythms of life, you can become stuck as your try to fit in with what other people want for you.

As your actions and outlook on life try to imitate others, you begin to feel resentful and jealous of others who are moving forward and making changes in their lives.

Instead of standing in your own sovereignty, present and grounded, you become drawn into the drama created by others.

Expectations, drama, and resentment prevent you from moving on, from letting go of what no longer serves you, and also from embracing opportunities that come your way.


Samhain Craft Class: Divination

Creating a casting mat for your oracle cards, so that you can connect with the Ancestors using divination.


Taurus Full Moon Esbat: Witch Balls

Witch balls are protective ‘decorations’ for your home that promote peace and harmony.



November Topics


Defensive Magic

Learn how to protect yourself, your energy and your space so that you can do magic confidently.


Scorpio New Moon Red Tent

Rest, nourish and restore your power under the energy of the Scorpio New Moon.


Gemini Full Moon Esbat: Crystal Magic

Find your own rhythm as you make enchanted dancing sticks to clear your energy, activate your joy, and keep momentum in your life.



December Topics

Meditation and Visualisation

Bring your magic to life as you learn the meditation and visualisation techniques you need for effective spellcraft.


Cleansing and clearing tools

Keep your energy moving freely and banish stale and stagnant energy as you explore the cleansing and clearing tools that work best for you.



Willow Tree


Sagittarius New Moon Red Tent: The Collective Cauldron Energy

Clearing the wounds of feeling insignificant.

You can find your sense of self getting lost in the collective energy and events surrounding you.

Your so intuitive that you can have trouble feeling where your energetic field ends, and other people’s energetic fields begin. This reality makes it difficult for you to distinguish what energy and emotions are yourd, and what you’re picking up from those around you.

You can find yourself at the mercy of the overwhelm, anger, or apathy of not just the immediate people around you, but the wider collective that you tap into through various forms of media or stories heard from other people.

You need to ground your energy, and sense of self, in daily sacred practices that bring you back to her own centre, because they help to remind you of what’s yours and what’s not.


Yule/Solstice Craft Class: Eye-Pillows

Create meditation-eye-pillows to support you to embrace the darkness so that you can claim the mysteries and your power within.


Cancer Full Moon Esbat: Practical Magic

Enhance your intuition and learn to trust yourself more as we create Spell Bags.



January Topics

Energetic Play

Explore how to activate and direct your energy to create potent magic, and how to use those same skills to manage your own physical energy, bringing you more confidence and joy.


Physical Clearing and Cord Releasing

Maintain excellent energetic health by clearing the energy and cords attached to you that no longer serve you or are causing you harm. Leaving you feeling lighter, present, and ready to make change.





January Capricorn New Moon Red Tent

Rest, nourish and restore your unique-self under the energy of the Scorpio New Moon.


Leo Full Moon Esbat: Candle Magic

Cast confidence spells and use candle magic to give you the courage to take up space in the world and go after the life that you dream of.



February Topics

Elements and Directions

Add a powerful layer to your spellwork as you start to bring in the power and properties of the elements and their correspondences.


Cleansing Your Space with the Elements

Use the different elements to cleanse and clear your space and energy, and get familiar witch what elements work best for you in different situations.





Imbolc Craft Class: Brooms

Create small altar brooms for clearing your space and using in your SACRED practice.


Aquarius New Moon Red Tent:  The Individual Cauldron Energy

Clearing the wounds of being ‘The Good Girl’.

As girls grow up, they often learn that they need to sacrifice their independent discovery of who they actually are, and remain silent about their thoughts and feelings, in order to please others and feel accepted in their own families.

They learn to be obedient in exchange for love.

Daughters often grow up witnessing the consequences of their mothers not fulfilling their dreams, lacking opportunities, or being disrespected by those around them, especially by men.

As a daughter goes off to live her own life, and says ‘Yes’ to opportunities, a mother can see this as a betrayal, or even abandonment, bringing up lots of complex and controlling behaviours.

To begin the process of awakening your sacred feminine power, you have to be ‘disloyal’ to the conditioning of society, and this often includes the expectations of your family (in particular your mother).

You must become curious, and think for yourself, as opposed to thinking what society has imposed on you.

You must follow your own path, and not the one that’s expected of you.

And ultimately you must learn to trust in, and follow the call of your soul.


Virgo Full Moon Esbat: Knot Magic

Use knot magic to solidate having the confidence in yourself to trust yourself and commit to your dreams.



March Topics

Cycles and Archetypes

Understand how cycles and archetypal patterns can be used to add more potency to your magic.


Clearing Ancestral Patterns

Identify and clear ancestral patterns of shame, guilt and any other feeling blocking the expression of self-love.





Pisces New Moon Red Tent: The Connected Cauldron Energy

Clearing the wounds of being rejected.

As a girl grows up, she grows into her own sense of power.

This often happens as we experience our first period, our menarche. This is a time of transitioning from being an innocent child, into the first steps of womanhood.

However instead of being something that is typically celebrated, the menstrual cycle is often labelled ‘the curse’ and seen as an inconvenience, rather than a physical representation of a woman’s internal rhythm and inherent power.

During this time a woman also awakens to her own intuition, yet like periods, a woman’s intuition is often dismissed as unimportant, and even belittled by those around her.

It’s time to decide whether you’ll continue to (or begin to) nurture these awakening skills and your growing feminine power; or whether you’ll suppress them to conform to the world around you and its many expectations.


Equinox Craft Class: Bath Soaks/Shower Scrubs/Foot Soaks

Come back into relationship with your body as you create magically infused soaks or scrubs to nourish and nurture you.


Libra Full Moon Esbat: Love Magic

Rekindle your relationship with yourself and those in your life with some potent and passionate love magic.



April Topics


Setting Intentions that Work

Learn to set intentions that get to the core of what you actually desire, and ward off any magical mishaps.


Clearing with Help

Call on your magical helpers to support you clear your space, especially of unwelcome visitors or stagnant energies.





Aries New Moon Red Tent

Rest, nourish and restore yourself as we celebrate the beginning of the Zodiac cyle and do an intuitive Treasure Map for the next 12 months.


Scorpio Full Moon Esbat: Money Magic

Magnetise your money as you create spell bottles to heal, nourish, and nurture your relationship with money, stepping you into the flow of abundance.



May Topics


Connecting with the Land

Learn how to connect with the land and call on the landscapes to support different aspects of your magic.


Sensuality and Pleasure

Awaken your sensuality and receive more pleasure so that you create from a place of overflow, rather than overwhelm.



Dragons (or a magical being that draws your attention)


Beltane Craft Class Magic Wands

Create your own magic wand, programmed specifically for your energy, so that you can direct your magic with clear intention and get equally clear results.


Taurus New Moon Red Tent: The Curious Cauldron Energy

Clearing the wounds of shame.

As a girl matures, she starts to experiment with her clothes, hair, make-up, thoughts and views, feelings, and relationships—platonic and sexual.

As she walks her path, she finds out just how challenging it can be to go against societal expectations.

In response, she may dilute some of her own dreams and desires so she conforms with other people’s ideas and opinions. She can allow their fear and cynicism to influence her, which can lead to changes in her own plans.

She will be repeatedly told in one way or another that wanting to follow her own path is stupid or selfish, or that she is ‘going through a phase’ and ‘needs to come back to her senses, before it’s too late.’

She is shamed for having her own feelings, views, opinions, and desires.

Shame is used as a form of control.

Now is the time for you to decide if you’ll tick off society’s list of ‘shoulds’—build a career, find a partner to settle down with, get married, have a family—or follow your own set of values and passions (which could of course include these, but on your own terms).


Sagittarius Full Moon Esbat: Sex Magic

Learn the sacred art of sex magic and then go and practice in the privacy of your own home. No partner required for this spell….



June Topic


Reset and Transform your relationship with money. Let it support you as you weave your magic to create lasting change and attract in the riches you desire (instead of repelling it).





Solstice Craft Class: Magical Elixir

Create your own magical elixir to keep you connected to, and grounded in, your true ROOT Essence.


Gemini New Moon Red Tent: The Expressive Cauldron Energy

Clearing the wounds of selfishness.

As you begin to speak up and ask for what you want and need, and as you follow the many desires and whims of your passions and heart, you meet resistance.

When you say, ‘No’ to things you don’t want to do or that don’t feel good to you, people try to shame you into doing what they want instead. They may call you selfish.

As you express yourself in a way that pleases you, you may meet criticism from others. They tell you that you should make more of an effort, or that you shouldn’t draw so much attention to herself.

They might even ask you who’d want to date/take seriously someone who dresses/looks/behaves like that. The shame may make you want to cover up and hide your ideas, your truth, and even your body.

It becomes clear to you that society expects you to dress and behave to please others, especially men, rather than to please yourself.

These mixed messages cause you to question your choices and disconnect from your own body, needs, and intuition.

You start to believe that the way you look and behave is more important than your passion and ideas.

You begin to hide away, turning down social engagements and opportunities for fear of being judged.

Instead of following the fluid nature of your intuition, you begin to impose rules on yourself. For example, you might only allow yourself to do something you want to do:

When you’ve lost x amount of weight
When you’re x dress size
When you can afford that outfit
When you have that qualification
When you have that job title
You know you live in a world that that values appearances, reputation, and saving face. Because of that, you feel pressured to mask your hot, dirty, messy truth.


Capricorn Full Moon Esbat: Cord Magic

Harness the energy of ripeness and abundance so that you can continue to draw on it throughout the year.



July Topic


Learn how to connect with and work with Deities in your magical workings.
If you don’t currently work with a Goddess/God and you’d like to, you’ll learn how to connect with the perfect Deity for you (who is probably already trying to connect with you!)



Deities / Elemental


Cancer New Moon Red Tent

Rest, nourish and restore yourself under the energy of the Scorpio New Moon.


Aquarius Full Moon Esbat: Cauldron Magic

Learn the art of scrying by using your cauldron (or other similar container) to connect with the wisdom of your Deities/Elementals/Guides.



August Topic


Practical Magic

Weave magic into your everyday life. Make even the most mundane tasks a chance to practice your magical workings and spellcraft.



Bay Leaves


Lammas Craft Class: Witchy Wreath

Create your own witchy wreath and imbue it with the energy of abundance and harvest to see you through the winter.


Leo New Moon Red Tent: The Nourishing Cauldron Energy

Clearing the wounds of intimacy.

This is all about the journey within, about coming into right relationship with yourself.

So often you’ve been busy being all things to all people, that you’ve actually forgotten what your own dreams, desires, and needs are.

If you asked yourself what your biggest dream was, maybe you wouldn’t know, or it would be about someone else’s happiness.

You’ve become so disconnected from yourself, you’re almost afraid to ‘go there’, to become one with yourself again, because you know your life will never be the same again.

You won’t be able to hide from, or pretend, that everything is okay.

You’ll have to face the reality of your situation, as you re-evaluate your life and bring it back into alignment.

This means tough conversations will have to be had, and changes will have to be made.


Aquarius Full Moon Esbat: Kitchen Magic

Take part in a sacred tea ritual to connect with your (edible) herb of choice.



September Topic

Health and Well-Being

Bring a touch of magic to your health and well-being with magical allies, spells, and potions.





Virgo New Moon Red Tent:  The Dedicated Cauldron Energy

Clearing the wounds of insecurity.

Although many people may admire you, and seek out your knowledge when they need help, you may not hold the same trust in herself as others do.

Behind your confident exterior, you may feel insecure and self-conscious.

On the surface you may appear to be moving forward and even leading in your area of interests, but you know that’s you’re still holding back and not pushing yourself to go for what you really want because you’re afraid you aren’t enough; good enough, knowledgeable enough, experienced enough, connected enough, liked enough, worthy enough…

You may hide feelings of insecurity behind being ‘larger than life’, ‘jazz hands’-excitability, or even gossip, aloofness, and an air of (pretending to) not care what others think. But deep down you desperately want to feel connected to yourself and people around you.

It’s time to stop looking for validation from external criteria such as qualifications, awards, or other people, and start validating and accepting yourself.


Equinox Craft Class: Dream Pillows

Set your intentions and harvest your dreams as you create a herbal dream pillow for deep sleep and insightful dreams.


Pisces Full Moon Esbat: Kitchen Magic

Make a tea blend for great health and well-being.


Reclaim Your Witch

This is your invitation to say ‘Yes’ to yourself, your power and your magic

Of course, you’ll learn how to once and for all break free of those old patterns holding you back, increase your confidence, take up more space in the world with your dreams, desires, and bank account, and own your voice.

But more importantly, you’ll figure out what’s standing in your way as you take your life and magic to the next level, you’ll clear energetic patterns, ancestral drama, and limiting beliefs, so you emerge as the unapologetic person you know you have the potential to be.

The end result: An unshakeable belief in yourself, and the ability to align with and receive your biggest dreams… and dream even BIGGER, allowing you to create a greater impact in the world.


Realise Your Biggest and Boldest Dreams By Activating Your True Power and Potential

Let yourself have it all, even if you feel like something’s holding you back

UNAPOLOGETIC Is an activation to transmute your internal dramas around unapologetically living the life of your dreams and having it all.

If you’re going to live life on your terms and experience unimaginable success you need to release the fears, patterns and beliefs around owning your greatness.

This program is run live twice a year; in May and October. The self-study is available for the rest of the year.

Activate the 8 Sacred Keys to unlock your full potential and live unapologetically



Activate the Codes of Self: Amplify your voice and claim your true desires

This is an initiation of self. When this energy is fully activated you can show up, embrace, and celebrate everything that makes you uniquely you.

When the Code of Self is suppressed, it reflects any energetic patterns of grief that is a result of any rejection you feel for yourself, any judgement you have towards yourself, or any lack of self-worth that you feel.

Any time that you dismiss your feelings, your experience or your intuition, you create dis-harmony in the Code of Self and you limit your ability to create and receive all that you desire.



Activate the Codes of Connection: Trust yourself, your inner power and your intuition

This energy is all about how you connect to yourself and your inner-power, others, and the world around you.

When the Code of Connection isn’t activated, you deny or hide from your own power; you actively disempower yourself by seeking external validation.

When you look to others for the answers because you don’t believe in or trust yourself, or as a way to avoid responsibility, when you turn a blind eye to something that you know is wrong, when you say ‘Yes’ to everyone but yourself, you drain your own source of power.

Each time you think you can’t do something, or that you ‘should’ do something differently, each time you don’t follow your heart because you feel you’re expected to do something else, each time you make up an excuse not to start something you really desire, you continue to drain your own reserves.




Activate the Codes of Intimacy and Pleasure: Reconnect to your deepest dreams and desires

This energy allows you explore the world with wonder, awe and passion. It encourages you to follow your desires, and experiment with all that piques your interest.

When the Codes of Intimacy and Pleasure are suppressed, passion is replaced by shame, fear, and hesitation. You withhold your enthusiasm and withdraw from people and situations.

Any physical and energetic pain and grief caused by individual or collective use and misuse of women and girls in all of its forms, suppresses the Codes of Intimacy and Pleasure.

The emotions of shame, guilt, and blame around sex and sexuality can be suppressed and held in this energy.

Often these feelings can leave it hard for a woman to be intimate with herself and to connect with her body fully, leaving her feeling frustrated and ashamed.



Activate the Codes of Full Expression: To become the fullest and most fulfilled version of yourself

This energy is your ability to take up space unapologetically; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Women have been taught to be quiet, to keep their emotions in check lest they be called ‘irrational’ or ‘high-maintenance’, and this can lead to a fear of expressing your own unique and vibrant power.

If you ever find yourself playing smaller than you know is possible for yourself, if you ever find yourself not expressing your true thoughts and feelings, or suppressing your emotions, especially anger, then know that your Codes of Full Expression isn’t activated.



Activate the Codes of Nourishment and Receptivity: Conscious creation and allowing yourself to receive with ease and grace

This energy is all about nourishing yourself and allowing yourself to receive.

When your Code of Nourishment and Receptivity is suppressed, you’ll find yourself sabotaging yourself, having great ideas, but not being able to ‘birth’ them.

This energy is also about the mother energy. You ‘mothering’ and nourishing others (whether you have children or not), and also receiving the Mother energy.

It’s about your own children, it’s about birth. If you have any stories of trauma, mistrust, maybe your own mother was emotionally distant, maybe you felt emotionally distant to your own children. This is where the energy shows up as unbalanced.

The Codes of Nourishment and Receptivity also hold the energy of having babies, not having babies, and losing babies; including from having miscarriages, abortions, or adoption.




Activate the Codes of Abundance: Own your value and receive unlimited riches

This energy is all about valuing yourself deeply, and how you show up and express all yourself in the world.

If you ever find yourself not sharing what you know to be true, or not adding your thoughts and ideas to conversations, or if you silence yourself so you aren’t called bossy or a ‘know it all’, your Codes of Abundance are suppressed.

The Codes of Abundance hold the energy of being able to love, honour, and accept, ALL of you, not just the socially acceptable, and ‘pretty’ parts.



Activate the Codes of Loyalty: Become loyal to yourself and your dreams

This energy is a reflection of the ancestral energy that we carry through our mother line and is passed down through the DNA has a very significant effect on us.

If you keep repeating patterns that you can’t logically explain, yet you feel that you’re being held back by something bigger than your own experiences your Codes of Loyalty are suppressed.

If you look at the women in your mother line and feel that they didn’t live the lives they wanted, that they sacrificed and became resentful, or that they experienced trauma and grief in their lives, you’ll need to free yourself (and your family) from these energetic blueprints.



Activate the Codes of Influence: Become unapologetically you!

This energy is the energy you learn from society and the energy you contribute to society.

The history you’re taught, events that shaped the world, fairy tales, books, films, and our surrounding culture either activate of supress your Codes of Influence.

You might have heard the term the ‘witch wound’ before, which refers to the unconscious understanding and experience that if you stand in your power and speak your truth, you will be persecuted, as so many millions have been before you, and still are still today. This wound supresses the Codes of Influence.


Become Unapologetic!

The A.R.T. of being a Witch

The A.R.T. of Being a Witch is a 3-step immersion to weed out the ‘should’s’, expectations and judgements that have been holding you back from claiming the full power and potential of the magical life you desire.

If you’re going to live a magical life and create real change in your world, this is the step-by-step system to show you the way.


When you blend alchemy, magic and a proven system of success, you get the most potent and holistic experience that gives you exactly what you need to become a Modern-Day Witch.

Align – Reset – Transform


Part 1 – Align

Awaken Your Witch

Connect with your Witch-self as you remember and align with what’s really important to you.

During this stage you will:

  • Understand the importance of the spiral path
  • Discover your ROOT Essence
  • Explore your inner landscape


Part 2 – Reset

Activate Your Witch

Explore your relationship to your inner power and the stories that govern your life, so that you can reset them as you re-write your own story.

During this stage you will:

  • Reclaim Your POWER
  • Break the SPELLs that have been keeping you from claiming your magic


Part 3 – Transform

Embody Your Witch

Discover the language of your soul and step into a world that awakens your mystical consciousness.

During this stage you will:

  • Become Your Own SEER, so that you can fully trust yourself and your intuition
  • Reclaim The MAGIC, and remember that it is in fact YOU that holds the magic


Delivered in a way that works best for you…

Live Q&A's

Classes are taught live, so you can get your questions answered as you work through the material.

Video Replays

All classes are recorded and replays available within 24hrs, so you can catch up or re-watch in your own time.

Member Only Podcast

All classes are available on the members only podcast, if you prefer to listen to your content.



Perhaps you’ve already tried self-study courses (and still crave to learn more), bought the books (which may or may not be read), and wonder how this course is different.

That’s TOTALLY understandable (we’ve all been there! Well, I certainly have!)

The Witch Academy is a different experience because it covers ALL aspects of embracing your inner-Witch, in a modern, practical and very magical way!

This is more than a course about learning about spells, sigils, crystals, or the Sabbats.

Of course, we cover those topics, but we go soooo much deeper.

We explore what being a Witch really means, and how to be a modern day Witch in today’s world.

We explore the essentail energetics required to be a magical Witch, as well as the practical tools of being a Witch.

Topics that we cover

but not limited to…

Uncovering Your Unique Witch-Self

  • Energetic Health; Understanding how not to take on other people’s ‘stuff’, and maintain clarity in your own energy system
  • Uncovering your own unique essence; the key to all successful magic
  • Identifying your own unique blend of magic, and what works for you (and what to avoid)
  • Developing your Clair’s; Your sensory abilities
  • Creating your personal Life Philosophy
  • Awakening your inner-power and healing your relationship with it
  • Breaking the enchantments that have you under their spells (including family, societal, and ancestral)
  • Learning how to interpret and trust the language of your soul
  • Understanding how to cultivate the Magical Mind that’s essential for successful magic

The Essentials for a Modern Day Witch

  • Energetic Protection and Boundaries
  • Raising and Directing Your Energy
  • Magical Record Keeping
  • The Tools of Witches
  • Cycles: Moon Phases, Seasonsn, Wheel of the Year, Sabbats
  • Elements and Directions
  • Journey Work and Meditation
  • Connecting with the Land
  • Seasonal Crafts
  • Magical Tool Making
  • Power Places
  • Working with Allies; Crystals, Plants, Trees, and animals
  • Divination
  • Spellwork
  • Sigils


what matters most is that you start


Imagine how your life would be different if you trusted yourself to make the right decisions for you.

If you knew who you were at your inner-most core, and clearly understood what you wanted from life. No ‘if’s, but’s, or maybe’s’… but had crystal clear clarity (and the confidence to claim it).

You could confidently say ‘No’, and enthusiastically say ‘Yes’, to opportunities that came your way, because you knew how to make the best decisions for yourself.

You’d know how to support yourself, your life, and your desires with magic.

You’d know exactly what to do to overcome challenges and frustrations in life.

Your relationships would be stronger, deeper and more fulfilling.

In fact, all parts of your life would feel more grounded and intentional, because you were now showing up on-purpose and aligned with the person you’re designed to be.

That’s what joining The Witch Academy can do for you.​


Who is The Witch Academy for?

Obviously, The Witch Academy isn’t right for everyone.

The Witch Academy is the place for people who are ready to step up, and explore that inner voice that’s been whispering and nudging them (perhaps not too subtly!), that they’re meant for more.

It’s the place to come if you’re ready to remember, reclaim and activate your inner modern day Witch.

In The Witch Academy, you’ll uncover your unique blend of magic, and refine it, so that it becomes a powerful ally in your life.

The Witch Academy IS for:

✔ People ready to reclaim their magic

✔ People who are open minded and excited to learn

✔ People that want to dive deep, but keep a sense of wonder and awe

✔ People who want a safe space to explore their own awakening self

✔ People who are ready to show up and do the ‘work’

✔ People who will take responsibility for themselves, their energy, and their actions

✔ People who want a guide to support them on their journey



✔ People who want to be part of a magical community where they can feel accepted and at home


✔ ✔ ✔ It’s for: Fun, open, curious, friendly, inclusive, nature loving, tree hugging (well… at least nature loving), awakening, ready to learn, wanting to take responsibility, ready to change

✔ ✔ ✔ Witches, Fairies, and Mystics


It’s NOT for:

✘ People that think there are hard and fast rules around life

✘ People that follow one strict path

✘ Dogma, bigotry or discrimination of any kind

✘ People who want to collect another course / think you can learn by osmosis

✘ People who want to be told what to do

✘ People that want to jump on the next fad



✘ ✘ ✘ It’s not for: Righteous, dogmatic, closed, selfish, rude, no sense of humour, rigid, bitter, energy vampires

✘ ✘ ✘ Trolls, Gremlins, or Ogres (unless they have a very good heart)

Why work with me?

Hi! I’m Rebecca- Anuwen!

I’m a Modern Day Witch, and a trained, and dedicated, Priestess of Cerridwen (the Welsh Goddess of transformation, Keeper of The Cauldron, and Goddess to the Witches).

My students and clients often call me ‘Mumma Witch’

Since 2000 I have professionally practiced the energy therapy Kinesiology.

And over the past 20 years I’ve helped 1000’s of people, mainly women, embrace their true self; their powerful, wise woman self, their inner-Witchy self, by helping them to break free of the energetic patterns, beliefs and behaviours that have kept them stuck and playing small, and I’d love to help you do the same!

(Other things you should know about me… I’m a spell breaking, story weaving, wand wielding, cloak wearing, eternal optimist that laughs at her own jokes, and I’m obsessed with trees.)



You’re Not Broken

You don’t need to be ‘fixed’, you just need to remember who you are

“Rebecca is one of the most powerful and unassuming healers I know.

I’ve sent at least 100 clients to her, and they all say one resounding thing – “OMG that woman is incredible!”

Rebecca is a true priestess – loving, kind and a gifted alchemist. If you want to rise you must release your pain. Rebecca will take you by the hand and journey through your healing with you. She’s priceless.”

Ingrid Arna, Australia, Leading Business Strategist


  • Learn the ART of being a real witch

  • Understand a deep grounding in magic and create REAL change in your life

  • Be more you; so you can live unapologetically to your own standards, not to societal standards, WITH confidence – Become judgement proof

  • Find your own blend of magic to express the fullest version of yourself and find your true identity

  • Learn to consciously co-create your experience of life and reality so you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself

  • Have all the tools you need to overcome & navigate challenges you face such as divorce/relationship ending, careers changed, kids left home, becoming a mother, moving house/country/location etc.

  • Feel safe by learning to protect and shield from negative energy

  • Be confident in your decisions and not be swayed by other people’s ‘well meaning’ opinions and expectations

  • Learn the tools to live a more magical, enchanted life, so that you create more joy, abundance, love

  • Learn to love, honour, appreciate your wisdom and value yourself for the divine witch that you are

  • Have better, deeper more meaningful relationships (family, friends, partner, lover)

  • Break societal patterns of feast/famine and scarcity to create more money using money magic

  • Turn your quirks into superpowers, honour them and appreciate your unique view of life.

  • Understand your own unique rhythm, and work with it to squeeze the juice out of life

  • Have the support of a community of like-minded modern day witches who GET you, and will support you as you reclaim your magic


“Rebecca Has Changed My Life

I have a new found confidence which continues to grow and I have more meaning in my life. My life had moved on more in two months working with Rebecca than it had in the previous 2 years.

Susan Leadbeater, Staffordshire, UK

“Rebecca Kane Is A Highly Gifted Healer And Guide Who Is Deeply Connected To The Emerging Challenges Of Women On The Path Home To Their Truth

Her depth of wisdom and clarity of insight provide safe and sure treading as we journey back to our SHEro selves and reclaim our full power.

Through working with Rebecca I have been able to ground down in my power and find access to a reservoir of wise guidance that has led to massive progress and deep peace in my life. Her accuracy, understanding and love filled guidance is soothing and profound to receive; this women will elevate you and speed your journey beyond what you may perceive as possible.

Working with Rebecca is an investment in decades of wisdom refined that will align your more deeply with yourself and swiftly remove the hidden barriers to your full emergence.

I truly have deep admiration and soul appreciation for Rebecca, and honor her work as deeply significant for the progress of our worldwide sisterhood.”

Lysa Black, New Zealand


A Fresh Approach to Modern Day Witchcraft


I want to live in a world where people feel fully supported and confident enough to take up space with their thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires.
One where they embody their true Witchy essence and radiate their divinity from a place of authentic and aligned power.

A world where we can do the ‘deep’ work whilst also keeping a sense of awe, wonder and fun – yes deep can be light!

Community Experiences

What Members are saying

Come and join the most incredible modern day Witches who show up and take responsibility for themselves and are ready to break their limiting beliefs of the past so that they can embrace who they’re meant to be.



Rebecca, thank you for giving me the permission to discover who I want to be (even though I shouldn’t have needed it) and the encouragement to go after it, for creating this group, this safe haven from a world that pressures us into a mold. A big thank you to all of you, for being inspiring, open, and real. I so enjoy being here and sharing in your trials, successes, and lives AE



I don’t think I realised the benefits of Rebecca’s “energy health” work, until I stopped the daily practices while traveling!

The impact far outweighs the short time it takes to ground our energy every day.

More than anything, it’s empowering. It’s a way to proactively and consciously choose what we bring into our day.

It sets an intention. It provides focus. And it stops the reactivity to everything around us.” ~ Janice Radomsky



The SACRED practices feel like the missing pieces of the puzzle.

I’ve journaled, exercised, eaten well, but sometimes no matter how “well” I do, I can’t seem let go of some of those old nagging feelings.

After the last 45 days, I feel a deeper peace than I ever have before. I know what’s mine and what’s not. I have established my boundaries and it has become so much easier to simply let things go.

It has truly been an invaluable and life changing experience!!! Thank you Rebecca! ❤️❤️❤️” ~ Mackenzie Ledford


Proud Partnership with Tree Sisters

Restoring our planet with TreeSisters

Partnering with Tree Sisters seemed like an obvious choice as it brings together my obsession with trees and my love of community!

For every Witch that joins The Witch Academy we are donating 100 trees.

Enrollment Re-opens September 2021 




I’m generally a very peaceful person. I’m often described as cool, calm, and collected. However, I have an unfortunate habit of allowing my energy to be affected by those around me. For example, I can be in a fabulous mood, but if my husband comes home from a rotten day and is completely absorbed by negativity, instead of being able to comfort him from a place of stability, like a light switch my mood would immediately reflect his.

Rebecca’s Sacred practices have been a godsend.

After working with the Sacred practices, I now have tips, tricks, and a morning ritual that can be tailored to give me exactly what I need to ground my energy, solidify my boundaries, and protect what is most precious to me, my inner peace.

Every day builds upon the work done the day before. I now know exactly what to do to make sure I allow only what is most beneficial to me to come through and block what does not serve me.

This has not only helped me with my relationship with friends and family but also myself.

Rebecca is incredibly gifted with the ability to explain things in a way that clicks. It just makes sense. Her spirit is also fabulously warm and giving. You will not be disappointed.~ Audrey Eckler



The SACRED practices have been really life-changing for me.

Knowing how important it is to keep up with energy hygiene is so crucial. But knowing isn’t as good as actually doing!

Doing this work with Rebecca has completely changed how I feel about taking care of my energy.

For the first time in my life I feel consistently grounded. I know what my baseline energy should feel like, when it is clear, so now I know when I am in need of clearing.

I have always been an energetic sponge, and take on energy of others without even being aware of it. But I have mostly stopped doing this accidentally, yet I still know that if I want to share energy for my work I can easily decide to do so.

Rebecca has such a fun teaching style, and has shared so many different tips and techniques that I feel confident I can clear my energy quickly no matter where I am or whether I have my favourite tools, or no tools at all except my visualisation.
” ~ Tasha B


What is an on-line Academy?

An on-line Academy has all the benefits of an in-person Academy, plus the additional bonus of you being able to access it from anywhere in the world (as long as you can access the internet.)

Our chats and conversations happen in our on-line community. They’re fun, deep, celebratory and supportive, and best of all you know you are with a group of like-minded women who ‘get you’.

All the course material you have access to is hosted on my website, where you get your own unique password and username for access.

Classes and Gatherings are done over software that allows you to join via your computer/phone/tablet.

How long is The Witch Academy training?

When you join The Witch Academy, you join for the traditional Witches Training of a Year-and-a Day.

This is so that you get a thorough grounding in your Witch practices, and have the chance to hone and master your magic.

You’ll complete the year feeling confident in who you are and confident in your magic, knowing that you can trust yourself and consciously create what you desire.

What is the annual Witch Academy fee?

The annual cost for The Witch Academy is $1247

or you can make monthly payments of $120

What does my Academy fee include?

Each month you receive 10 + hours of tuition (attend live or watch the recordings), including: New Moon Red Tents, Full Moon Esbats, Sabbat Craft Classes, online group coaching with me (including Q & A), and access to our on-line community.

PLUS access to my The ART of Being a Witch course, which runs live twice a year.

PLUS access to my full library of classes (each class usually priced individually at $147 each), meditations, colouring sheets, and oracle spreads.

PLUS, PLUS: Graduations gifts and prizes!!!

Is this a live program, or do I work through it in my own time?


The program is a live program, and there are elements to it that you can work through in your own time.

Each month and Sabbat we work together with the energy of the Moon and season.

In October and February I run The ART of Being a Witch as a weekly live class,(although you don’t have to attend live).

But you are welcome to work through the material in your own time.

The additional classes that you have access to, are there to support you, as and when you get called to explore their content.


Do you have to believe in a specific religion or Deity, or follow a certain path?

Absolutely not!

The Witch Academy provides with a structure to explore your own beliefs.

It’s non dogmatic, and not prescriptive.

You can follow any path, religion, or none at all.

Do I need to buy expensive tools and equipment?


We’re magical, and most of all practical.

Whilst it can be fun to purchase ‘fancy’ tools, they’re absolutely not needed!

Books, tools, and equipment don’t make you a Witch. Being a Witch is a choice that you make from your heart (not your wallet!)

Are there recording of the live events?

Yes. Everything is recorded and they are available within 24hrs of the classes finishing, (some are available immeditaley).

Why did you choose not to have a Facebook group and use Discord instead?

Many people in my community were having enough of Facebook as a company, as well as wanting more focus in their lives and less distractions.

Some even took a Facebook sabbatical and only came on to Facebook for our group.

Then one day, Facebook banned me when lots of people tagged me in a group I’d recently joined.

I was banned for a week, and it really made me review what was important to me.

Community was important to me.

Having a space where we could become present was important to me.

I wanted to create a space where we could do our sacred practices and stay in that energy, rather than do the practice and then get distracted by the noise of Facebook.

It was a difficult choice to make, but so far, I’ve had nothing but positive feedback about it.

We even have a dedicated ‘Tech Fairy’ who is there to answer all of your questions, if you should need it as you navigate a different platform!




I hadn’t realised what a difference it would make to develop a relationship with my energy.

I understand now how much I absorb other people’s energy, and Rebecca’s daily practices have given me the tools to quickly and easily clear away what isn’t mine and keep my boundaries firm. So much gratitude for that.

I’m finding it so much easier to let things go, and that’s very empowering.

I’ve stopped worrying so much about what other people think- and about time too!!! I

It’s crazy what we absorb and carry with us for years and years and years… I love starting my day this way 😊💜🙏” ~ Shirley Smith



 I am celebrating the spark of transformation you lit – you helped me find the FIRE! And the fire is so at the core of who I am.

I am no longer hiding from it, pushing it down. I am owning it, letting it turn me into a Girl on Fire.

Following the moon has helped me find my grounding and balance – my very self. For that gift, there is no thank you big enough.

I am learning to love myself- not despite anything, but all inclusively.

I am so grateful for the gifts you share and the lives you awaken. Rebecca, I am AWAKE! Conscious and owning my SHEro.

I have stepped up to rescue myself. You are the one who planted the idea that this was even possible. THANK YOU. With all my heart, thank you.” ~ Laura Novak